You might find your paychecks get slightly larger, but be careful if you and your spouse file jointly, you have more than one job, or a number of other exceptions — you might get more than you’re entitled to, and that would be a hellishly rude awakening come tax season 2010.

Suggestion: make like your paychecks are the same amount and put the difference into a savings account every month. Come April of next year, if you’ve been given just the right amount, you should find yourself with an extra couple hundred bucks and any extra that you can give back to the government without even noticing you ever had it. Keep it in savings, buy a new refrigerator, take a spa day, throw it at your IRA and hope some of it sticks — who couldn’t use an extra $400 or $800 at this time of year?

(Yes, I know this completely defeats the purpose of the “stimulus” bill, but any who thinks and extra bit of change a paycheck is going to turn this country around is fooling himself. This is just a trick to inspire confidence that the government is doing something to help us out — take it, make a bit of interest off it, and don’t let it cause you any panic in the future.)