(This information comes courtesy of Consumerist Morning Deals, who got it from Slick Deals.)

Step (1): Apply for a Sony Card Visa by March 14. (Note: your application must be approved immediately. Additional processing voids this offer).

Step (2): Within 45 days, make a single purchase worth at least $349 (clever fine print — your purchase MUST exceed $349, so you can’t just run up a balance of $349 with several small purchases, and balance transfers don’t count).

Step (3): $200 statement credit automatically applied to credit card 8-12 weeks (be sure to mark on a calendar when that period is up to ensure that they don’t forget about you, and print out the fine print as evidence should you have to argue your case — I’ve never had an issue getting promised rewards from credit cards, but I have from opening checking accounts coughbankofamericacansuckitcough).

Step (4): Use statement credit judiciously for everyday purchases.  Alternatively, buy me this chair for my new home office.